Alto Benching


Alto benching allows for innovative planning concepts, as well as discreet sit/stand adjustability.

Teamwork Strategies

Open plan offices require strategies to balance privacy and accessibility. Alto offers a double "U" team configuration that positions individuals "back to back" for greater visual privacy. The components are a composite of Alto office and benching elements, which support focused tasks and informal interactions.

A Spectrum of Storage

Alto benching shapes the workplace to fit organizational demands and individual task and storage needs. Optional panels create visual privacy where desired, without acting as a barrier to interaction as needed. Alto benching also includes a floating return, pedestals and a roll-out storage tower that can be configured to address spatial constraints and to define workspaces in a collaborative setting.

Adjustable + Adaptable

A center spine creates a framework for components above and below the worksurface, including mobile/fixed storage and optional divider panels that define space and create boundaries. The spine also secures an integrated lift mechanism and delivers cable pathways with direct access to power/data. The open metal end frame is available in a variety of finishes and with solid infill panels.

Storage as Structure

The storage-based Alto work station performs the dual function of supplying storage and creating boundaries in team work areas. Space-efficient storage is provided via a unique credenza that opens from either side, making a secure place for personal items within the workstation and stowing communal files and work tools on the outside. Optional modular units augment storage choices and stack to shape and divide space in the team setting.

Flexible Planning

An ideal solution for open office
settings, Alto benching is based on
a spine structure that is easy to install,
extend and reconfigure. The modular
design speaks to varied needs across
the office, allowing for single/double
sided configurations, layered surfaces
and extended runs. A broad range of
storage components and sit/stand
options allow for differences among
workers. Easy access to power/data
via the slide-out desk top supports
technology-driven workstyles.

A New Office Landscape

Clean, contemporary lines and a rich choice of materials and finishes contribute to an aesthetic that seamlessly incorporates height adjustment and technology support to create elegant and dynamic work spaces.