Dependable furniture is a SAN FRANCISCO(ca) based
factory .The industry challenge these last few decades
has been to deliver that same handcrafted quality with
the modern demands of cost and time. Our team of
craftsmen, designers and engineers at Dfm has been on
a quest to meet those demands.

Craftsmanship at it's Core

Providing four decades of experience, the widest variety of materials and combining old world craftsmanship with new world technology; Dfm collaborates with the specifier to explore innovative solutions and furniture tailored to the project.

Our Values

Communicate project concept, function, cost, details and timing.

Innovate through furniture concepts, materials, methods and the integration of technology.

Create great furniture and enduring relationships.

Deliver on time, with great value and professional service.

Sustain the environment through careful management of materials and process as well as providing a lifelong product.


Sustainability at DFM starts with the longevity of our final products. Built with methods and materials that minimize our environmental impact, we warrant our products for a minimum of 10 years. All wood and chemical waste generated at DFM is recycled. Our local deliveries always utilize reusable packing materials. Many raw materials used at DFM are made from recycled or reclaimed wood products. Our material vendor network is committed to responsible forest management and we work closely with them to exceed current sustainable standards.

Dfm + LEED—Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

The U. S. Green Building Council's LEED Green Building Rating System is an effort to provide a standard that improves environmental and economic performance of commercial buildings.

To help our clients earn LEED Green Building certification levels, DFM offers standard and custom products that meet the LEED rating system.

Take advantage of DFM's capacity to engineer and produce furnishings that push for a positive environmental and economic impact.

Recycled Content

Local/Regional Materials

Rapidly Renewable Resources

Certified Wood